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Stream, Lake And Wetland Solutions, LLC is a WBENC-Certified WOSB company specializing in sediment, silt, sludge and muck removal with a specialty in de-watering services throughout the United States.  Our system is comprised of a lightweight, compact and high performance hydraulic dredge, geotextile tubes, and coagulating polymers to remove the sediment, silt, sludge or muck.

"In simple terms, we move mud. In more complicated terms, we combine hydraulics, fluid movements, and chemistry."
- Mark Hannah (Member/Project Manager)


iDredge - Dino Super 6 Dredging in a Residential Area

Subdivision Retention Ponds

Homes Association Lakes

Apartment Retention Ponds

Water Features

Muck Removal

Sediment Removal

iDresge - Dino Super 6 Dredge at Dishman Lake Manhattan, KS 2022.JPG

Golf Course Ponds

Recreational Waters

Apartment Retention Ponds

Muck Removal

Sediment Removal

iDredge- Geotextile Dewatering Tubes- 2019 Pinevile, LA.jpg

Processing Settlement Lagoons

Stormwater Basins

Wastewater Lagoons

Water Treatment Plants

Muck Removal

Sludge Removal

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