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Stream Lake And Wetland Solutions is a WBENC-Certified WOSB company that provides sediment, muck, silt and sludge removal with a specialty in de-watering services to our clients throughout the United States. We solve your problems! In our fifteen years we have become proficient at sediment, silt, muck and sludge removal and experts at de-watering by the use of geotextile tubes and the proper chemistry. 


The Stream Lake And Wetland Solutions team brings depth, experience, professionalism, problem-solving and skill to our projects. Proper training in operations, quality, efficiency, and safety are of utmost importance to us. Our team is committed to excellence in all aspects of the project, maintaining a clean project site,  insuring a minimal environmental impact, and adhering to a strict safety program, as well as quality monitoring and onsite reviews of each job site. 


Our success is due to our integrity, communication, good neighbor philosophy, and our employee's focus on exceptional project performance to insure the success of our clients. 

iDredge Jobsite/Set Up with a Dino Super 6 Dredge and geotextile Tubes at Dishman Lake 2022.jpg


of our system...

  • Allows you to continue your daily operations with minimal interruption.

  • Lower mobilization costs.

  • Availability to areas with limited access.

  • No need for mechanical dewatering.

  • Safe for rubber pond liners.

  • Clean water returns to waterway.

  • Minimal site impact.

  • Quick site turn around.

  • Use of EnvirotubesTM greatly reduces haul off costs.

  • Approved by the Wisconsin DNR.

iDredge - Geotextile Dewatering Tubes opened for disposal- 2020 Leawood, KS.jpg

Tube opened for disposal after dewatering for 5 months!

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