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Our Sediment, Silt, Muck & Sludge Removal System and Dewatering Services are performed throughout the United States working with you to determine your goals, develop a site specific plan, and meet or exceed your expectations considering the right equipment, portability and convenience, and simplified site removal of sediment and muck from golf course retention ponds, office park water features, institutional retainage ponds and recreational waters.

iDredge Geotextile Tube Dewatering at Dishman Lake 2022

Stream, Lake And Wetland Solutions can help you revive your pond, lake or water feature for deeper, clearer water for enjoyment, irrigation, and recreation. Our system allows us to accommodate remote dewatering and drying area. Our system requires less energy and water than most other processes thereby creating lower mobilization and de-mobilization costs.


Our System features one of our Dino sediment removal machines with a slurry bar that is designed for minimum disturbance of the water column and keeps total suspended solids to a minimum resulting in a minimum risk to fish and other marine life and lower TSS discharge. 

We can perform a multitude of tasks that excavators and ordinary hydraulic dredges simply cannot access. The lightweight high performance equipment limits the disturbance of the ground or landscape. When sediment removal is complete there is minimal damage and little need for site restoration. Even a golf course can stay fully functioning during the dredge operation.

In the past, the drawbacks to sediment removal in lakes and ponds has been controlling the excess water without making a huge mess and keeping the course fully functioning during the dredge operation. We utilize a combination of geotextile tubes and coagulating polymers to allow water to filter out at the disposal point crystal clear. After the geotextile tube has been allowed to sufficiently dewater or left in place until the most convenient time to remove for the client, the tube can be cut open and the material removed by conventional means of excavation or disposed of on site.


Recreational Waters

Golf Course Retention Ponds

  • CH2M Hill/City of Fayetteville, Fayetteville, AR - City recreational lake.

  • Potters Lake, Lawrence, KS - Storm water run-off lake on the University of Kansas (KU) campus.

  • Sadies Lake, Lawrence, KS - 12 acre private sporting lake.

  • Crestview Country Club Wichita, KS - Golf course water retention pond.

  • Wichita Country Club Wichita, KS - Golf course water retention pond.


  • Bone Lake Canal Luck, WI - Canal maintenance on Bone Lake.

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