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Our Sludge & Muck Removal System and De-watering Services are performed throughout the United States working with you to determine your goals, develop a site specific plan, and meet or exceed your expectations considering the right equipment, portability and convenience, and simplified site removal of sludge and muck from airport retention basins, paper mills, processing settlement lagoons, storm water basins, waste water lagoons, and water treatment plants. 

iDredge - Dino Six Dredging a Lagoon

Most municipal and industrial lagoons require dredging because they have reached or exceeded their original design capacity. Stream, Lake And Wetland Solutions works closely with our clients to perform the most efficient dredging and de-watering project based on the specific needs of each client. Our forte is formulating solutions on the most difficult of projects. 

Our System features one of our Dino hydraulic dredges with a slurry bar that is designed for minimum disturbance of the water column and keeps total suspended solids to a minimum resulting in a minimum risk to fish and other marine life and lower TSS discharge.


Why choose Stream, Lake and Wetland Solutions?

  • We are able to remove and dewater a high percentage of solids per minute for faster positive results.

  • Our process dewaters 24 hours a day 7 days a week with no mechanical processing or manpower.

  • Our process requires less energy and makeup water than most other processes.

  • Our process limits haul off trucking to the end of the project rather than the life of the project.

  • Our system lowers mobilization and demobilization costs.

Environmental Regulations

Stream, Lake And Wetland Solutions works closely with all local, state, or federal officials throughout the dredging process, if needed during the project.

Ask us about our maintenance program.


Processing Settlement Lagoons

Stormwater Basins

Waste Water Lagoons

Water Treatment Plants

  • Visco Fan, Danville, IL - Processing lagoon

  • Alliant Energy, Lakeside Generating Station, Sheboygan, WI - Coal pile run-off pond

  • Mid-Continent International Airport (MCI), Parrot's Beak, Kansas City, MO - Runway run-off lagoon

  • City of Newton Municipal Wastewater, Newton, MS

  • City of Canton Municipal Wastewater, Canton, MS

  • Fort Leonard Wood, St. Robert, MO - Retention pond

  • City of Pineville Municipal Wastewater, Pineville, LA

  • Constellium, Muscle Shoals, AL - Run-off lagoon

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